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Sample Magic release volume 63...

Sample Magic has come a long way since the start of their SM series of sample libraries. They're now at volume number 63, and here the guys have released a pack that's one of our personal favourites.

'Detroit Techno' delivers the dance music flavours featured in the pioneering works of Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May and Robert Hood who between them have released some amazing music on seminal labels such as Underground Resistance, R&S and Transmat. 'SM63 Detroit Techno' delivers the sounds associated with these masters, and does not disappoint.

Any DJs/producers looking for the authentic sounds of Detroit should definitely take a look at Sample Magic’s newest offering. 1.3GBs of these genre-defining samples have been packed into 'Detroit Techno'.

As the blurb say: it's full of ‘authentic drum machine rhythms, subliminal bass, hypnotic dub chords, sleek arpeggiated leads, spartan analogue synths, atmospheric pads and classic hardware FX. Detroit Techno is an authentic take on one of the most important movements in electronic music’. In use, the pack definitely gives that authentic Detroit sound.

The pack comes in the usual sample formats but the good thing here is that it can be bought in full or in parts, depending on what a DJ or producer needs for their productions.

The loops in the pack are delivered at 125, 128 and 130 beats per minute and are key-labeled where applicable, making it easier for users to match them into their productions. 'Detroit Techno' is a must-have for anyone who has designs on being the next techno superstar.