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Full on track-creation pack!

This month's offering is more of a utility library than a full-on track-creation pack. Sample Magic’s 101 series basically gives producers 101 samples that they can use within their productions. 'Live Hats Vol 1' serves up 101 live hi-hat loops expertly recorded and precision-cut to add irresistible funk and groove to your beats and productions — regardless of the genre.

The pack can be employed in any of the popular styles of dance music — breaks, chillout, deep house, disco, drum & bass, dubstep, garage, house, indie-dance, nu disco... anything you wish to create.

Using this pack is pretty simple: once you’ve got the bare bones of your beats programmed — kick, snare etc — it's time to turn your attention to the hi-hats. Simply grab one of the loops and see if it works — as with all samples, they can be cut-up and re-arranged to suit your track.

The loops have been recorded by one of the world's most in-demand session drummers, so what you’re getting is a real drummer on your productions.

Contained within are 101 killer hi-hat grooves that will appeal to producers of all kinds of electronic music. Definitely worth a peek, they'll give a real dimension to your recordings.

Samplemagic's 'Live Hi-Hats Vol 1' is out now priced at £14.90.