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Electro wizard and live performer Saytek gives us his studio essentials...

Korg Volca bass//keys
I LOVE the Korg Volca range, great little sequencers and wicked sounds. The bass and the keys have their own unique, gritty analogue sound. They are so much fun, tweakable with great results and really work in a live setting. Really impressive for their price.”

Ableton 9 - I use this for both the live show and tracks
I have been a Live user since it first came out, and have been in love ever since. Intuitive and fun, and just works the way it should.”

Native Instruments Maschine Mikro
I make a lot of the loops for my tracks and live sets with this. It’s a great beat-making machine, also nice for melodies and bass, and especially (and surprisingly) good for techno chords.”

Roland MC909
The ultimate groove box. It’s massive and a bit long in the tooth, but I get great stuff out of it still. It's a '90s studio in a box, but made for performing live. It's actually really powerful, but really complex to program and tweak, it's for real geeks only.”

Korg Monotron Delay
Tiny analogue synth great for 1950s sci-fi effects, and really crazy FX when you start tweaking LFO, delay, time and cut-off together. It's only a recent addition to the live show, but it sends the crowd crazy, which is always a good sign!”