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Scratch The Itch

Vestax have partnered with software giants Serato to create the new VCI-300 midi controller

Following the success of the VCI-100, Vestax have added more controls and lights to their midi controller to give better feedback and hands-on manipulation in the mix.

Based on research and feedback from DJs around the world using the VCI-100, Vestax have made some changes and improvements to the touch-sensitive jog wheel to make it even better.

They start off by making it lighter and adding tension control, which also prevents it from moving if you're submitted to serious sub bass. On top of that, the response of the jog wheel can also be fine-tuned in the software, to either make the platter movements more exaggerated or offer finer control over short scratch sentences.

The VCI-300 has a four in/out soundcard plus an extra channel for headphones. With its touch-sensitive scratch wheels, ample controls and built-in mixer, all you need is a computer and pair of headphones to mix.

Another handy addition for those people with less than solid laptops is the 'emergency thru' switch. Normally with these systems, a computer crash can render the whole system useless, but this feature allows music to pass through from the external inputs even after a major crash.

The VCI-300 can control more than 90 parameters and functions of the Serato software, and the resolution of the jog wheel and pitch control fader is four times higher than the VCI-100. The built-in audio interface carries the Audio Codec IC with superb audio characteristic.

Serato have created a new bit of software called Itch as part of the package. It's a streamlined version of Scratch Live with no on-screen junk - all control is handled from the hardware. The computer screen essentially just gives feedback of waveforms, and your track browser. Audio files in the software library can be easily selected and played from the VCI-300.

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