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A new system for distributing your music

House of Tracks is a new online platform aimed to give up and coming or established producers an alternative route to revenue and exposure by acting as a marketplace for unreleased music.

You can set yourself up as a label with them and submit your music to the site, where it can be purchased by advertisers, film and TV producers or anyone who wants to use it.

The snag to this is that once they have bought the track (for a fixed fee of €175) it is theirs to do what they want with. So you need to upload tracks you are happy to give away for that fee – including the rights for it to be released under another name.

You do however maintain publishing rights, meaning that your €175 fee could get a lot bigger if the track is used in a high profile circumstance.

Another level to the website is to solve one of the biggest problems for electronic music producers – where to find high quality, unique vocals and accapelas? With a dedicated vocalists section, House of Tracks allows singers to sell their recorded vocals to producers who think they can make something with them.

Everything on House of Tracks is sold once only, so you can guarantee that if you pick up a hot vocal and pay the fee. You will be the only producer with the rights to use it.

Obviously this works for artists who may want to buy whole tracks too. This could be the platform that democratises the existing practise of ghost producing.

Want to try it for yourself? Take a look around at