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Seth Troxler: "If the kids don't like it, you're not cool anymore"

Outspoken DJ announces new retrospective EP…

Seth Troxler has been working with New York painter Scooter LaForge for the artist’s first London exhibition which opens this weekend in London at the Jealous Gallery.

LaForge’s latest exhibition, which has been curated by Troxler, has been inspired by Homer’s classic poem The Odyssey which is all about New York’s 1980s queer scene.

Troxler has always been a passionate spokesperson on the origins of dance music which began in queer clubs in the US in the '80s and feels that LaForge’s work is the “visual embodiment of what I wanted to express as a DJ.”

LaForge hopes his latest exhibition will capture the imagination of the youth — something Troxler hopes his music does, too.

“It’s a poem by Homer who was blind, written in 800 B.C., so who even knows if this story is what he recited? I’m sure it’s been interpreted a billion times. So this is my version of it," said LaForge on why he chose the poem as inspiration for his art exhibition.

"We love 'gagging' the children, in both of our jobs," said Troxler during an interview with Reuters. "Otherwise you're boring. If the kids don't like it, you're not cool anymore," he added.

In other Troxler news, the famed house DJ has announced the release of a new retrospective EP which is set to include an assortment of unreleased tracks that have only previously been available as part of mix CDs or as digital releases.

The EP is set to include Troxler’s remix of Stefan Tretau’s ‘Chittagong’; ‘Blackclap’, which appeared on Audion’s fabric mix; ‘Aggression', a digital-only release from 2008; and finally Troxler's 2010 remix, as Thrill Cosby, of Heartthrob's ‘Signs’.

The EP is out 27th April via Troxler's Play It Say It label. Soon after that Troxler will then release a new compilation, called ‘This Is Then’.

Check out one of EP's tracks, 'Blackclap', in full below