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We asked DJs their predictions for the World Cup..

Who do you want to win the World Cup?
“As a fantasy it'd like to see Iran win (or at least go to the second round). It would be so amazing for the Iranian people. Realistically? I think Brazil has a good chance and you always like to see the host country win it all. But as a kid growing up in Iran loving the game, I always rooted for Italy, when Paolo Rossi dominated the '82 World Cup, to later on following some of my favourite players like Toto Schillaci and Roberto Baggio in '94, onto Totti and Del Piero in 2006 when they won it again. I will always have a soft spot for Italy.”

Who's going to win the World Cup?
“I think Brazil and Spain have the most complete teams. Brazil with the whole country behind them is going to be tough to beat.”

What's your standout World Cup memory?
“I have a few actually. 2006 I saw two out of three Iran games in Germany. Something you dream about. Also 2006 after doing a show at Pacha Ibiza, we got a jet and went straight to Frankfurt with some friends and saw the Brazil - France quarter final at the stadium, and flew right after the game to play at Creamfields Poland.

That was an awesome experience. I went in rooting for Brazil, but France was so good that year that as a soccer fan you couldn't help but to root for them. Zidan, Ribbery and Henry were simply unbelievable. Plus the French team was outplaying Brazil, and the French crowd were out-partying the Brazilians the entire game, which was a rare thing to see.

“Also I don't think I will ever forget watching the '78 final between Argentina and Holland in the backdrop of the Iranian revolution. That game to me is probably the greatest World Cup game of all-time.

Who should DJ before the World Cup Final?
“Of course me. No one understands the Brazilian crowds better than yours truly...!”