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Denver’s twin electronic/hip-hop dons Two Fresh drop the love on their Killer Sounds...

“When we start to make a track we normally start with percussion. We always start with a rhythmic platform because it gives us the ultimate feeling of the track, which brings us to the sounds that make up the song. For example, in our newest release 'Blimpus', when we started the project we wanted to make a collection of songs that showcased our melodic side of production.

With our title track 'Blimpus' we used a simple saw wave to start the song, to evoke the overall bright and happy feeling of the EP.

Going forward through the track the sounds stay similar to the starting chords, to make the flow of the song more of a curving sine wave as opposed to a drastic change between 'build-ups' and 'drops'.

“For the EP we used the VST Sylenth to create most of our sounds. The one thing that Kendo and I dwell on when creating synths is never settling with the preset sounds. You can use the presets as a reference of your idea, and then mess around with cut-off, sustain, attack and many more things to further personalise your synth. Sometimes it can take hours to find the fitting sound that is in your head, but we feel it is imperative as an artist to make your sounds stick out so that at first listen, your audience can name the artist just from their signature synth. That is definitely the case when doing a remix.”