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Brosteppa scoops three awards at last night's awards

Skrillex continued his assault on mainstream American culture last night, scooping three Grammys for best remix, single and album - incidentally the same awards he won in 2012.

He beat off competition from fellow EDM overlords Avicci, Calvin Harris, SHM, Deadmau5 & Kaskade.

The latter artist made a statement claiming that the Grammys had developed a better understanding of the EDM scene;

“We’ve got three categories this year, and the academy is making an effort to include us,” he said. “In years past, the best electronic albums were Rhianna and a lot of pop stuff. Now, they’ve got it really figured out… It’s a well-oiled machine.”

Whether this represents a better undertsanding or the fact that the music from within elements of the scene is moving closer to the likes of Rhianna remains to be seen.