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Serious bass response

Skullcandy are not ones for doing things by halves and they take this ethos into their new range of headphones the Crusher. These phones are for the music lover who likes a little bit of bass. Skullcandy's Crusher headphones feature a dual driver design that delvers serious bass directly to the ears of the user. This is achieved by Skullcandy's unique Sensation 55 Driver, through this driver the Crushers' deliver a powerful and realistic bass experience that can be actually felt. The Crusher is unique in that it uses its very own built in amplifier to drive the bass driver giving that all important added punch to your sounds.

The Crushers' are excellently made featuring a padded headband and borrow some of its styling from the top of the range Mixmaster Mike headphones. With a battery life of 40 hours to drive the inbuilt amplifier there is plenty of juice to keep users tuned in for many a hour

Unlike other Skullcandy designs the Crushers actually look pleasing to the eye and comes in three colours - red, white and black, a move away from some of their slightly over the top designs of the past.

Skullcandy Crushers are available now for £89.99