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Slugabed - 'Mountains Come Out of the Sky'

Free Lapalux remix

Having previously released on Stuff, Ramp and Planet Mu, last week heralded the arrival of Slugabed's debut album 'Time Team'. While it doesn't feature Tony Robinson, a series of small excavated walls, or men who clearly love a real ale once they've dusted themselves down, it does feature Slugabed's widescreen beats, a penchant for squelchy bass, and 'Sex', or a track called 'Sex' at any rate.

Otherwise know as 23-year-old, Bath-born, Greg Feldwick, Slugabe has kindly posted a remix of album highlight 'Mountains Come Out of the Sky' by Lapalux, the only UK act on Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder label. Go get it.

Mountains Come Out of the Sky (Lapalux Saturation Remix) by SLUGABED