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Small and mighty!

Hot on the heels of Denon's powerful HS5500, comes the wicked little S1200 digital deck.

It boasts many of the same cool features as the HS5500 (reviewed in the May issue of DJmag), such as the D-Link connection to share memory devices, extensive effects, two hot starts/loops and more.

As well as flash sticks, hard drives and iPod playback, unlike the HS5500 the S1200 comes with a CD drive as standard. The USB port provides software control via Midi and it has a built-in audio interface - making external soundcards redundant.

Denon confirm that the likes of Traktor and Serato are on board already to offer software integration.

The 110mm platter is touch-sensitive and Denon claim it has the highest resolution available on the market today.

This tiny player is out very soon and if the HS5500 is anything to go by, it's going to be another top player.

PRICE: £359
OUT: Now
UK CONTACT: 01753 680 568