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Solardo face quick-fire questioning on everything from Michael Jackson to Martin Garrix

DJ Mag Ibiza challenges one of our favourite UK DJ duos, Solardo, to a round of our famous quick-fire questioning...

Explosive tech-house anthems, larger-than-life shirts and guaranteed good times — these are the three things that define Solardo. When we meet them on the rooftop of the Ocean Drive Hotel in the heart of Ibiza’s Talamanca district on a sunny Wednesday afternoon, they’re as fun-loving and affable as ever. 

The last time DJ Mag Ibiza saw the pair was at our DJ Mag Sessions party in Miami — “That was a mad party that was,” exclaims Solardo's Mark Richards as we swap Miami rave stories, whilst his partner in crime James Elliot nods enthusiastically alongside.

Having just touched down on the White Isle when they meet DJ Mag Ibiza, the duo are staring down the barrel of an absolutely mega season. Playing multiple dates at Hi Ibiza’s new tech-house night In The Dark, plus a few scattered dates for Jamie Jones’s Paradise residency at DC-10.

They’ve also locked down enough international festival dates to sink a battleship, think: London’s Lovebox, Bestival in Dorset and Croatia’s Hideout to name but a few. It’s been an eye-wateringly rapid rise to stardom for the lovable lads, with the duo barely packing out 100-person venues in their hometown of Manchester less than two years ago, to moving a whopping 2,500 tickets to an exclusive show at the city’s Albert Hall at the beginning of 2017. 

Given DJ Mag Ibiza’s rapport with the cheeky pair, we thought it only right to subject them to a round of our quick-fire questioning — here’s how Solardo fared when we asked them to pick between Britney and Madonna...

Shower or bath?

Mark: “Shower.”

James: “Shower!”

Beach holiday or city break?

Mark: “Beach.”

James: “Definately beach!”

MJ or Prince?

Mark: “I do love Prince but Michael Jackson all the way!” 

James: “Michael Jackson.”

Bieber or Garrix?

Mark: “I have to say Bieber, just because I’m not really into Garrix’s music. I can’t believe I’m about to admit this, but I quite like a few of Bieber's tunes lately (laughs).”

James: “Beiber.”

Yacht or private jet?

James: “Private jet. Mark will definitely say jet to this one...”

Mark: “Private jet, because I’m an absolute plane geek — I just love planes!”

Ibiza or Miami?

Mark: “That’s a tough one but I reckon Ibiza.”

James: “Yeah, Ibiza for sure.”

Pre-party or after-party?

Mark: “After-party.”

James: “Same.”

Vinyl or digital?

Mark: “You know what, it really used to be vinyl for me but it’s certainly digital now. I just can’t be arsed carrying a huge bag around (laughs).”

James: “Also, if you’re trying to keep on top of playing the hottest and latest stuff, we’re more likely to get sent a file than a vinyl — so definitely digital!”

Chicago house or Detroit techno?

Mark: “Chicago house, for sure!”

James: “Again, same (laughs).”

City or United?

Mark: “United, all-day, forever and ever and ever.”

James: “Absolutely!”

Festival or club?

Mark: “Woah, that’s a really hard one. I’d probably say club just because it’s a lot more intimate — it’s way easier to grab people in a night-club than it is at a massive festival.”

James: “Yep, totally agree...”

Britney or Madonna?

Mark: “Madonna!”

James: “Madonna!”

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Charlotte Lucy Cijffers is DJ Mag’s digital and Ibiza editor. Follow her on Twitter here.