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Hudson Mohawke shares five beats he wishes he’d laced...

1. Birdman feat The Clipse 'What Happened To That Boy’ (produced by The Neptunes)
“That was a big influence in terms of making beats out of weird, random sounds. How can this be a pop song?”


2. Twista ‘Overnight Celebrity’ (produced by Kanye West)
“The drum programme is crazy. It fits with the sample so well — it feels like one piece.”

3. Justin Timberlake feat T.I. ‘My Love’ (produced by Timbaland)
“When I first heard that, I said, ‘What the fuck? The whole pop genre is going to change after people hear this type of production — basically what underground electronic producers were doing — can become a massive hit'.”

4. OutKast ‘Hey Ya!’ (produced by Andre 3000)
“That's such a bizarre, interesting production for a pop song.”

5. Big L feat Fat Joe ‘The Enemy’ (produced by DJ Premier)
“That was one of my school bus anthems. It's really dark and menacing. That's why I love Premier's production, because it's these really grimy-sounding drums and nasty late-night samples.”