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Beardyman to capture and curate a symphony

In one of his most ambitious works to date, renowned musician and beatboxer, Beardyman, will bring the ‘Sounds of the 21st Century’ to life in the form of a digital electronic symphony played live at Campus Party, Europe’s biggest technology festival.

Beardyman is looking to bring the technology sounds that surround our everyday lives and make them into a symphony. For this ambitious project he’s asking the public to send suggestions of the sounds of tech that make up our everyday lives (classic ringtones, movie effects, radio jingles, computer game intros). He will unveil the 'sounds of now' live on the Beardytron_5000 (see below video) at Campus Party, where he’ll also talk about how technology is affecting and influencing modern music.  

Send your suggestions, or even videos of you capturing the sounds, to #CPSounds on Twitter or Beardyman's Facebook Page.