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Steve Angello kicks off his 'REFLECTIONS' residency at LiFE Nightclub inside the SLS Las Vegas.

One of the cool things about going to a Vegas nightclub is that nothing is ever compromised upon. Heck, some of these places have drones flying out to deliver VIPs bottles of champagne at their tables! Bottom line- if it can be made to look theatrical, fun and interactive, then expect it to happen. After all, if not Vegas, then where else right?

This past Saturday (Nov. 22nd), acclaimed producer / DJ and SIZE Records head honcho Steve Angello kicked off his REFLECTIONS residency at sbe's LiFE Nightclub inside the SLS Las Vegas. A confidently brimming Steve Angello, who also coincidentally celebrated his 32nd birthday the same night, was present with his wife Isabel Adrian and SIZE signee Max Vangeli for the pre-party inside Bazaar Casino, before his DJ set.

Meanwhile at LiFE, an uncontainable raw energy permeated through the gargantuan space. Streamers and confetti filled the space. Junior Sanchez manned the decks, playing an eclectic selection of big room house and funk. The crowd fist-pumped and boogied on the dance floor, and anxiously awaited Angello's arrival.

Around 1:30AM, dancers adorned in silver metallic costumes accompanied Angello to the DJ booth, and so began REFLECTIONS. Agressive electro driven beats thunderously blared through the Funktion One soundsystem, as Angello took control of the CDJs. Aerial dancers soared above the floor, some swayed in glass mirrored cages. LED lights flickered with madness. People stared in awe, their energy levels amplfied tenfold. Wildness ensued. Angello steered them through a journey with a well-crafted set list of tough progressive house with splashes of euphoric commercial EDM into the early hours of the morning. Oh, and to top it off there was a live fire show too. 

REFLECTIONS opening night was a blasting success and a momentous occasion in the Vegas nightlife circuit. At the forefront of it all, sbe masterfully created a vibrant carnivalesque experience for their audiences and delivered smashingly. 

Peep some photos from the event below:

Photo courtesy of Brenton Ho / AI Powers Imagery

REFLECTIONS returns to LiFE for an iconic New Years Eve extravangaza on Dec 31st. Tickets available here

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