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The Levelz crew kidnapped one of our writers for a day of Mancunian mayhem...

In what was one of the best PR campaigns we've seen in recent years, Levelz - a collective of MCs, DJs and producers hailing from Manchester - drove down to London in a stretch Hummer for a special 2 hour show on Rinse FM. They then proceeded to do some Mancunian style sight seeing and drop off USBs containing the video for their new single 'LVL07' at key music publications across the capital. Oh, and some complimentary melons too. 

One DJ Mag staff member's Monday morning took an unexpected and rather surreal turn when Levelz (innocently) abducted him and took him for a ride across the capital - brightening up unsuspecting commuters day's with comic freestyles from Truthos and even getting involved in a climate change protest, handing out leaflets from the Hummer to bemused passers by. Its safe to say our writer hasn't been quite the same since the experience - PRs take note, this is how you run a release campaign!

The support Levelz have gained off the back of their first release has been nothing short of incredible, and the track is a testament to the huge talent coming out of Manchester and the lovely people behind it.

Levelz have just released 'LVL07' as a free download which you can grab here. They've also put out a documentary of the PR trip, featuring a slightly nonplussed looking DJ Mag writer and you can view that below:

For more mayhem from the Levelz lot follow them here.
Their full mixtape is out early 2015, don't miss it!