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Out via Smile For A While on 14th September

It's no secret that here at DJ Mag, we love Janis! We just named him one of this month's Cheeky Bubblers in our September issue, and now we've nabbed a premiere of 'Never There' from the Frankfurt-based producer, that's soon to drop via Smile For A While. 

Not content with just producing, Janis also heads up his own stellar imprint, House Is Okay, alongside his long-time pals Homeboy & Oliver Achatz, that’s hosted releases from Eddoh, plus several of Janis and Homeboy’s own EPs. Set up with “the intent to release quality dance music for the listener, dancer and DJ”, we can’t wait to hear what’s coming next from Janis and the House Is Okay crew!

Stream Janis' new single 'Never There' below or via the DJ Mag Soundcloud.