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The long-running Glasgow club night is a perfect blend of great residents, guests, sound and crowd...

Just what are the key ingredients to a decent club night? A big name headliner is not nearly enough. A nice club space isn’t either. Even a solid soundsystem isn’t sufficient to carry a party above the competition, given that on any weekend there are hundreds of parties playing out in your nearest city alone, let alone across the whole of the UK. In reality, you need all these things and more, like nice staff, a decent crowd and some solid, well-informed residents. 

And that’s exactly what SubCulture in Glasgow has, and has had, for 20 years now. One of the longest-running club nights in the country, it is surely bolstered by the fact it plays out each Saturday at SubClub (until 2010, home to other such famous nights as JD Twitch and JG Wilkes' Optimo (Espacio)) which has one of the UK’s largest bodysonic dancefloors.

Ever since the first party in 1994, SubCulture founders and residents Harri & Domenic have been at the heart of the night, laying down the sort of grooves that bring people to the floor and keep them there until the sun comes up. That pair is truly the core offering of SubClub, but the quality of guests they invite along also helps.

This year those include old and new names alike, such as DJ Sprinkles and Andrew Weatherall, Omar S and Mr Ties, Leon Vynehall and Juju & Jordash. The 20th Birthday year also saw DJ Harvey play Scotland for the first time since 2001, and any club night that can bring a heavyweight like that back to town is surely deserving of every prize going.