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Super Flyer Guy!

Iconic flyer art exhibition to open in London

Ever plastered your bedroom wall with flyers, or obsessively stockpiled thousands of those little cardboard slices of history, only to find them all in a box years later and reminisced on all the great times? Then Our History is the exhibition for you.

The first major showcase of flyer artwork, charting their evolution from rudimentary beginnings in the heady acid house days to today's slick, conceptual designs, Our History is a voyage through 20 years of acid house and conceptual club culture seen through the prism of flyer design.

Taking place tomorrow (6th November) at London's Huntingdon Project Space, and curated by Ernesto Leal, it will display iconic flyers through the ages, and delve into the backgrounds of the unsung artists behind the classic designs and imagery for clubs and events as diverse as Spectrum to the Warehouse Project, Trade to the Hacienda.

"I've always been interested in how graphics have driven music and I started looking at the whole of acid house culture," revealed Teal. "Anything you heard about the culture was always about the music and the DJs, there was never really a concise history of who these graphic designers were behind the flyers. We uncovered these really interesting stories about them and what they did, and how they went about doing it, and the exhibition just kind of evolved from there."

With an extensive collection of work gathered together by 100 collaborators, Our History's London show is just the start: the exhibition tours the world through late '08 and early '09, and lands in Japan, Poland, China and the Czech Republic.
Designer Martin Brown/B-ART, whose iconic work for Trade graces the exhibition, was stoked to be included, and also thought it was about time that his fellow artists got due recognition.

"I was approached by Ernesto totally out of the blue - I was well chuffed to be included! Recognition for these artists is long overdue. You just have to look at the huge talents that it spawned like Dave Little and Jason Brooks." Check out