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Tag Team - Azuli Moves to Pacha!

New Location, Same Great Taste

For clubgoers feeling down since The Cross closed in late '07, time to bust out your old dancing kicks! Former Cross favourite Club Azuli is taking up a new monthly residence at Pacha in the heart of swingin' London.

The opening night is set for 10 May and should provide some of the biggest and best entertainment yet from the two year-old party machine. Pacha will be sporting a new Martin Audio sound system, new lighting, and a new DJ booth for the summer, perfect for that Club Azuli vibe. Pacha also packs the size to make sure that every Azuli lover will be able to rave until the break of dawn.

"Pacha is the ultimate big room space and we can't wait to bring that classic Azuli energy to the party!" says Azuli boss David Piccioni.
With its innovative DJ line-ups, high-quality production and die-hard fans, Club Azuli is sure to continue raising the bar for every party in London.