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Take 10: Kim Ann Foxman picks her favourite records

Kim Ann Foxman’s Firehouse Records is all about the house music; a label that celebrates all the great things going on in New York and has built solid foundations since 2014. But right now there’s an exciting twist in Kim’s discography, in the form of her latest project Pleasure Planet, alongside Andrew Potter and Brian Hersey. The trio have been working together for the best part of five years with their first collaboration heard on NY imprint Throne Of Blood. Harking back to the synth sounds of the ‘80s with hints of Italo disco, their latest ‘Pleasure Planet’ EP has come via Foxman and Potter’s colourful new imprint self: timer. We catch up with Foxman to reminisce about the essential records that inspired the Pleasure Planet sound — from Nu Groove classics to New Order...

01. Art Of Noise ‘Moments In Love’
“Such an iconic synth-pop track of the ‘80s. We love the orchestral stabs and the beautiful hooky melodies. Art Of Noise has definitely inspired our ‘Pleasure Planet’ EP and you can probably hear that most on our track, ‘Suzuki Samurai’.”

02. Severed Heads ‘All Saints Day’
“A really cool track from one of our favourite bands. It’s quirky and has got a tough edge and it feels good. Tom Ellard is so rad. My bandmates Andrew and Brian and I all went to see them play for their first time many years ago in New York and it was so much fun. Then we saw them again together when they were touring with Front 242.”

03. Konk ‘Your Life (Extended 12” Mix)’
“Timeless, and it’s so New York in such a great way. I feel really honoured to have been included with so many amazing artists and DJs to play for Mark Kamin’s memorial at Santos Party House in 2013. It was such a special night. My bandmate Andrew was there too, and we were super excited to see Konk play live for the first time since 1986. During the process of making the ‘Pleasure Planet’ EP we wanted to get a certain sound and a vocal effect inspired by the intro phrase in that version. We asked Justin Strauss, and he put us in touch with Johnny Sender, the bassist for Konk. He was so nice in helping us with recording advice on our own vox sample that we used on our song ‘Evaporate’. Thanks Johnny!”

04. Future Sound Of London ‘Pulse State’
“One of my favourite tracks on the ‘Accelerator’ LP. It’s got the perfect combination of parts, a bleepy acid bassline and euphoric melodies. It’s the kinda song that can make you feel high even if you are sober. This track brings back so many memories of my time raving in San Francisco in the mid ‘90s.”

05. Violet ‘Burn The Elastic’
“Andrew and I partied in the same rave era, so we share many of each other’s very specific references. And this is one of the jams we love. It’s a rad breakbeat tune that’s super efficient and to the point. Breakbeats are somewhat of a guilty pleasure for us.”

06. The Earons ‘Land Of Hunger’
“We are always drawn to the percussion and syncopated guitar on this one. There is some really cool interplay between the rhythmic elements, and the drums are run with a tonne of dripping delay. Also, The Earons have this DIY spaceman mythology thing going on with a good sense of humour. They are kind of like a bizarro Daft Punk but decades earlier.”

07. Ministry ‘Over The Shoulder’
“All three of us are big Ministry fans and this is one of the tracks we all love. It has a perfect video too, with the two kids breaking into cars and Al Jourgensen walking through a supermarket or something. We’re always inspired by how the drums sound on this one.”

08. New Order ‘Your Silent Face’
“One of the best New Order songs — and there are so many. This one has the perfect mix of all things good. Machined rhythm and arpeggios, ‘80s strings, and a slightly off vocal. The lyrics are actually quite good and for a moment it puts you in a place you don’t want to leave.”

09. Will Powers ‘Adventures In Success’
“Outsider art and alter-ego from Lynn Goldsmith and one of the many great songs out of the famous Compass Point Studios. Like Tom Tom Club’s ’Genius Of Love’, Grace Jones’ ’Private Life’ and Wally Badarou’s ‘Echoes’, this captures a sound and moment that no one can replicate today. We are always inspired by the crisp production, carefree vibe and Sly & Robbie rhythm section on these tunes. The video is one of the first 3-D animated music videos, right in line with aesthetics we love.”

10. Bobby Konders ‘Version’
“Another shared classic from the golden days of New York City club life. While every song on Konder’s ‘House Rhythms’ is fantastic, this one has a special hypnotic feel that captures the nostalgia of listening to mixtapes in the back seat of a moving car

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Cover pic: Tim Sweeney