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'Tancredi' by James Palumbo

New novel from Ministry of Sound co-founder

What do you do next after you’ve set up one of the world’s most famous clubs, Ministry of Sound? If you’re James Palumbo, and were handily educated at Eton and Oxford, then you turn your hand to writing instead.

Tancredi’, his second novel, is published this week by Quartet. A futuristic thriller, satire and social commentary in one, the novel’s protagonist Tancredi undertakes the (frankly unenviable) task of saving the world from Armageddon, which is being ushered in by the follies of humanity’s short-term thinking. Sound familiar?

With praise from the likes of Stephen Fry, who recently debated that classical music has more worth than dance music (but don’t hold that against him too much, his opponent was Kissy Sell Out), check the animation below for a taster of what the future holds, in James’ imagination anyway…