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Tangible Waves reveal complete modular system for under £300

The affordable new hardware features everything you need to kick-start your new modular addiction…

Tangible Waves has officially brought its modular a-game to the tech market and delivered on a new, complete system for €328 – less than £300. With its new AE Modular system Tangible Waves has stripped things back to absolute basics in terms of manufacturing, swapping out the usual metal knobs, jacks and faceplates for less aesthetically-minded components, allowing the individual modules to run at a retail cost between €20 and €40.

Despite paring things down, Tangible Waves has ensured that AE format oscillators and filters avoid compromise on sound, keeping all of the system’s components analogue, subbing out patch points for a pin system and the usual knobs for pot shafts.

You can hear a demo of the AE Modular sound in action below, with a full set-up — including VCOs, VCAs, VCFs, sequencers, mixers and more — already available for the portable system. If your budget stretches, Erica Synths' new modular rig is designed for pummeling techno