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Throwback Thursdays! Includes a track by track run through from the man himself

Listen below:


1. Hardrive
Sindea feat LG (MAW Kenlou Dub)
"Classic! This is somewhat of an unknown masterpiece from Masters At Work circa 1992. Very influential record for me as it's one of the early records that combines lush keyboards with soulful house vocals. MAW were on a tear with their dubs back then. It stood out back then, and it stands head and shoulders above the majority of the new early house-influenced records that are coming through now."

2. Sharam
One Night (Edit)
"A new one from my upcoming album. If a house kid wanted to go to the techno neighborhood and say what's up, this would be the track you'd take with you."

3. Schadenfreude
The Road Leads East (Dyno Remix)
"This is a beauty that I signed for Yoshitoshi. Extremely hooky and huge for me at my shows. Dyno perfectly injects it with some turbo torque."

4. Sharam
Kill Techno (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
"This is from my 'Get Wild' album. Alan ingeniously strips the original apart and creates a dark, moody and relentless remix. One of my favourites of his remixes/productions and I'm thrilled that it's for one of my songs."

5. Egbert
Groots Uitpakken
"Ali and I had a saying for years, 'Weird is good!' And this record fits the mold perfectly. I won't be surprised if it were Sven that was doing the growling in this record."

6. Sharam feat. Anousheh Khalili
Don't Say A Word (Sharam's Own Remix)
"Another one from 'Get Wild' and one of my favorite vocal records of all time. I tried to create a dark and hypnotic vibe for this remix that would complement those hauntingly beautiful vocals. It puts a smile on my face when I see the crowd sing along to this song."

7. M.O.D.E
"Up and coming talent alert! This track just creeps up on you. It's one of my favorite new signings on Yoshi. Dark and driving!"

8. Timo Garcia feat Amber Jolene
Lady Luck (Solee Remix)
"Dark, soulful, hooky, hypnotic house. Fits the Yoshitoshi mold perfectly. Add the swingy drums and you have a future classic alert. Solee does an unbelievable job here. Can't get enough of this one!"

9. Adultnapper
Almost Nothing (Patrick Chardronnet Remix)
"I love it when you're able to play a deep song in the middle of a prime-time set. And right now for me nothing accomplishes that better than this record. Cool name too."

10. Namtrak
Uprising (Carlo Lio Remix)
"Carlo Lio is a name to watch out for – a producer with an edge. Perfect transition record."

11. Santos
Rom Control
"Best tribal record I've heard in years. Those drums! Pheeww! Fantastic floor destroyer."

12. Dyno
"Dyno does Tenaglia here. Hell yeah! Watch out for his name."

13. Daso & Pawas
El Paso (Yapacc Remix)
"The original of this is a monster record for me. This remix keeps the wiggle and tones it down a bit. It's simply beautiful."