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Danny Daze Take 10...

Hailing from Miami, Danny Daze was schooled on Miami bass before discovering Italo disco and Detroit techno. He's now one of the most diverse jocks on the international house/techno circuit, as evidenced by his wide-ranging sets and irregular, chilled-out, experimental 'Sunday Morning' mix series.

Just lately Danny's released on Omnidisc and Kompakt, and his new EP on pal Jimmy Edgar's Ultramajic features 'Ready2Go', a percussive 'n' pretty techno cut, backed up by 'Rhythm Box' — more of a deep and chuggy groover. He plays the SW4 festival in London at the end of next month.

Here are the tracks that made him who he is today. Oh my Danny Daze! 

01 BASS MEKANIK 'Wicked Bass'
Bass Mekanik and Techmaster PEB are responsible for at least seven popped subwoofers in the cars I've had. I'm not sure if this stuff was ever popular anywhere else other than South Florida and some of California. I lived in car audio shows, and my love for bass comes from here. Play this in your studio or somewhere with proper subwoofers — next level bass.”

02. DYNAMIX II 'Give The DJ A Break'
“A huge Miami bass record here and said to be the first recognized bass record for sampling an 808 and laying it out over an SP1200 to create that insane bass drive. One of the guys of Dynamix II, Dave Noller, turned out to be a massive influence on me overall with this alias and his nu skool electro alias, Scratch D. 

03. JOE ARROYO 'La Rebelion'
“Born and raised in a Cuban home, this song got played 10 times a week. At first I hated it, then I grew to love it and noticed the effect it had on me when it comes to syncopation. The breakdown on this track is in the top five of all-time for me.”

04. PHOENECIA 'Odd Job — Rhythm Box Version (Soul Oddity Remix)'
“Phoenecia, aka Soul Oddity from Miami, remixed themselves on this one. It features an insane amount of editing, proper use of a vocal sample and an unnecessary amount of low-end — this record was a huge influence on me. I used to breakdance and pop-lock,and I'd gravitate towards these experimental electro records when dancing.”

05. DJ UNCLE AL 'Mix It Up'
“Booty music! Plain and simple booty music! On Friday nights at our local skating rink you'd have close to a thousand 12-year-olds dancing to this stuff. This sound is a huge influence on all of Miami and all this 'tweaking' stuff kids are doing nowadays — we just called it booty dancing.”

06. DEAD PREZ 'Hip-Hop'
“The first time hearing this record, I almost fell outta my chair. Most of the hip-hop I was into was pretty experimental stuff, but these guys took the experimental element and fused it with something catchy as hell, creating one of the dopest basslines I've ever heard.”

07. FROU FROU 'Let Go'
I absolutely love everything Imogen Heap does, but this project took the cake. This song has been engrained in my head since the first day I heard it, the amount of emotion on this record has actually made me cry. My goal for my album is to at least make a track one-quarter as emotional as this.”

08. DONNA SUMMER 'I Feel Love'
“In my book, this goes down as the greatest dance record of all-time. I became obsessed with Giorgio Moroder because of this record he produced, which led to my obsession with Italo disco and vinyl collecting.”

09. LCD SOUNDSYSTEM 'Someone Great'
“There are countless LCD Soundsystem records that could have gone on this list, but I chose this one because of the amount of play counts on my media player.”

10. ANTHONY ROTHER 'Redlight District'
“Whoever knows me knows that Anthony Rother is a huge influence on me. The simple-yet-eloquent finesse to his tracks consistently makes me think about pulling back on un-needed stuff in the mix when making music. This record was the first one I ever heard by him, and is absolutely playable in the middle of a techno set.”

Catch Danny Daze at London's SW4 on Saturday 29th August...