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Break bass with this exclusive mix

Firepower Records is about to drop the second volume in its explosive 'Shell Shock' compilation series, set for release on March 4. The label - helmed by American dubstepper Datsik - compiled 25 tracks released over the past year, featuring a slew of label talent, resulting in a sonic retrospective of the label’s evolution. 

"Firepower is more of a family than a label,” Terravita tells DJ Mag. The Califoria bass music collective, made up of Simmers, Jon Spero, Chris Barlow have released music on Firepower Records for years and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. “Every artist and person involved in the label is a friend and we all support each other to the fullest. We're proud to be able to present this mix showcasing some our favourites from the label and tunes from our forthcoming album Rituals, coming April 1."

Bass beatsmith trio Terravita compiled a 'Shell Shock' mix to gear up for the compilation. Stream it below.

 "This mix contains some of our favorite Terravita tunes we have released on Firepower along with some tracks forthcoming on our 'Rituals" LP on Firepower April 1. In between our tracks are some of our favourite Firepower tracks past and present. It's worth noting that we used the instrumental versions of our tracks that normally feature Jon's vocals for this mix.  The idea was to make a mix that is more of something to listen to while driving or chilling than a representation of how Terravita performs live.  We also mastered the Firepower tracks used in this mix." - Terravita

1) Terravita & Evan Kiljoy - Colorblind
2) DKS - Can't Get Enough
3) Subantix - 80 Weight VIP (Terravita Remix)
4) Terravita - Check This Out (Instrumental)
5) Trampa - Jump Smoke
6) Twine & Dion Timmer - Predator
7) Terravita - This Time Its Personal (Instrumental)
8) Datsik - Oxygen ft. Zyme
9) Terravita - Set It Off
10) The Frim - Bassline Skanka Part 2
11) AFK & Omnoms - Explode ft. Gravity
12) Tim Ismag - Freaking Rocking
13) Terravita - Robot Rippin (Instrumental)
14) Datsik - Light The Fuse (Terravita Remix)
15) Terravita & Obsidian - ???
16) Terravita - metROIDS
17) Terravita & FS - Follow Me
18) Terravita & Obsidian - Pirate Bass
19) Terravita - Well Oiled Machine
20) Terravita & Datsik - Losing Control
21) Terravita & KJ Sawka - Atlantic Drifter
22) Terravita - Bach Off
23) Tim Ismag - Hell Racing