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Pioneer Announce MEP-7000 Multi Entertainment Player and SEP-C1 Software Controller

Staying on the cutting edge of the technology can be a tricky job sometimes, and in the DJ world, that means balancing the needs of format wars. Right now there’s never been so many different types for DJs to carry their music around, CDs, vinyl, hard drives, USB memory sticks, laptops etc. So its crucial for manufacturers to create players that can address all of them in the hope to win over the DJs hard earned mula. The MEP-700 is one of those machines that takes all formats in its stride. Almost every digital format is catered for on this twin deck, rack mount machine, via CD or USB drive. Not only that but it also connects to computers and works as a software controller with MIDI and HID protocols, which means support for Serato, Traktor and more. Configuration and compatibility support will come for the various software manufacturers, with talks underway to make the MEP-7000 integrate with MixVIbes, PCDJ and M-Audio products. On the hardware side of things, the MEP-7000 follows on from the CDJ-400 bedroom rocker, with similar style jog wheels and effects including Scratch Jog Effects (SCRATCH, BUBBLE and TRANS) and Digital Jog Break Effects (JET, ROLL and WAH). The large 4.3 inch full colour LCD is also a first for innovation, using OEL (Organic Electroluminescene) ensuring that the user can see performance data in harsh lighting conditions. Utilizing graphics and crystal clear text and a rotary selector, it enables rapid track searches from huge music libraries.

The controller section of the unit will be available separately and is known as the SEP-C1, this integrates perfectly with software and laptop rigs inclduign Pioneers own “DJs” title which is bundled in to the deal.

Arrival is due in April 2008 and price are listed at €1499 / £999 (ex VAT), while the SEP-C1 controller will go for €749 / £499 (ex VAT)

More details can be seen on the Pioneer DJ Website

MEP-7000 Specs

  • 1. Library Function: Select tracks from various categories, such as genre/artist.
  • 2. Tempo Control Range: Choose from 4 maximum ranges for the tempo slider: ±6ï¼…, ±10ï¼…, ±16ï¼…, and WIDE ±100ï¼…. (WIDE mode is not available with MP3/AAC/WAV and AIFFs files.)
  • 3. Pitch Bend Button: Achieve fine adjustment of track speed simply by pressing the button.
  • 4. Seamless Loop: Repeats a loop without interruption. Loops can be set as small as approx. 0.013 seconds up to infinity.
  • 5. Hot Loop: Return to a loop-in point during loop playback. Start over the loop playback by just pressing a button.
  • 6. Memory Cue/Loop: The unit can memorise any CUE/LOOP point at the press of a button.
  • 7. Auto BPM (Beats Per Minute) Counter: Automatically measures and digitally displays a track’s tempo.
  • 8. Digital Output and Monitor Out Terminals: Output audio digitally and select tracks using a large external display.
  • 9. Keyboard Available: Select tracks swiftly and input characters directly.
  • 10. Legato Link Conversion: Reproduces richer and more natural sound with WIDE range playback by up sampling, 44.1 kHz â†' 176.4 kHz, the audio information lost in a CD format.
  • 11. Vibration Proof Construction: Shockproof memory plus floating mechanism used in Pioneer’s Car audio components helps prevent skipping and resists vibration.
  • 12. Rack-Mount-Ready: Ready for rack mounting, which is useful for club/studio installations. (EIA compliant)