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There’s another rave in a disused military bunker happening this summer

Zenker Brothers are amongst those confirmed for the Berlin festival... 

There’s another rave in a disused military bunker happening this summer. Solid-Grounded is one of three events due to hit fortified spots close to Berlin over the coming months, running between 1st and 3rd June.

Situated in an abandoned nuclear facility set amid woodland close to Prötzel, the inaugural edition of the event will focus on house and techno, with Pär Grindvik, Ilian Tape bosses Zenker Brothers, Asquith and Route 8 of Lobster Theramin note, Oliver Deutschmann, Deadbeat Music and Smallville's Iron Curtis all confirmed. Tickets start at €55.60, and are on sale now. 

Billed as a not-for-profit event organised by "friends for friends", which prides itself on an intimate and informal atmosphere, quality curation and production, the idea is to offer a counterpoint to the dominant club culture and standard festival expectations. 

Solid-Grounded is the latest party set for a military facility near the German capital this year. 5001, located in Honecker-Bunker, and Her Damit, at the tiny village of Freudenberg, have similar backdrops. Meanwhile, across the country, Telekom Electronic Beats and Düsseldorf-based promoters Baka Gaijin are collaborating on a huge open air event at a coal refinery near Essen. 

Check the official Solid-Grounded website for full details.