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Apple unveil the next generation of portable computer; MacBook Air

It looks like the MacBook has gone the way of Hollywood starlets and got on the size zero diet, and the result is the MacBook Air. As the name might suggest, it's the lightest laptop Apple have ever produced, and the breakthrough design houses a multitude of wireless technology innovations within its 3 lb, 0.76 inch alloy frame. To some users, Macs are as much about a lifestyle choice as they are about computing, and this convention carries true with the Air, as head honcho Steve Jobs' unveiling at the recent Mac convention demonstrated. Wireless streaming is the backbone of 2008, and so one thing that's missing from this baby is an optical CD/DVD drive. This ties in nicely with Apples next wave of iTunes shopping which includes movie rentals with over 600 HD titles set to go. The solution for software comes by the way of 'Remote Disk', which allows users to 'borrow' another computers optical drive for installing, and for back up, they have introduced the 'Time Capsule', which is the next generation wireless back up hard drive. The ingenious 'squeeze and stretch' touchpad from the iPhone has been included into the design, and users have a choice of 80GB HD or 64GB solid-state drive, for a totally 'clunk free' experience. Other specs include 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor,13.3" mercury- and arsenic-free display, 2GB of RAM built in, a USB 2.0 port, a headphone jack, and a micro-DVI port that supports DVI, VGA, composite, and S-video output.

For more information visit MacBook Air prices start form £1199