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EDM giant talks about 'Kaleidoscope'

There’s been scattered talk from Tiësto the past few years about his next album - something he’s hinted will be even more eclectic and outside-the-box than 2009's 'Kaleidoscope', his fourth album.

DJ Mag recently caught up with him to talk about this.

It’s been very difficult for me,” he tells us. “When I started producing in the late '90s, it was so much easier to make something that would stand out. And then all the way through to 'Kaleidoscope',I was able to make an album that was different to anything else out there. But to do that now in 2013, it’s harder than ever to make something special. I wouldn’t say I’m struggling, but I really have to push myself, because I’m never satisfied. So even three months ago, I might feel like I have four tracks finished, and return to them later and be like, ‘nah, they’re not ready’.

So it’s an ongoing process. I have some great songs, some great vocals and really great ideas. But to really finish them off in the right style and the right moment, it’s still a process. I hope that by the end of September, I will have a proper idea. Whether it’s six months away, a year away, two years away. I’ll know where I’m at.”

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