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Tim Healey Studio-Rocker Competition

Win two days in producer Tim Healey’s studio

Words: Bianca Mitchell

With 17 years of production experience under his belt, a face-melting DJ career as part of electro-rockers Coburn, and now two successful record labels, Tim Healey knows a thing or two about putting together a killer track. So our prize to win two full days in his Brighton studio is a must for anybody looking to make music their mainstay.

The winner will receive inclusive travel within the UK, and overnight accommodation at the famous Hotel Pelirocco which boasts themed rooms (with a PlayStation in every one).

“Basically there are no parameters,” explains Tim, saying he can help polish a track or give away his frequently-used techniques.

Following the first birthday of Giant Pussy, the label he runs with DJ Deekline, Tim is launching a second label, Surfer Rosa.

Surfer Rosa is the sound of the exotic electronic beach party where the highest production quality slams into the super-druggy club sounds of today, all in the name of damn fine dance music,” he smiles.

Collaborating with Tim on the first release is Calverton for the hypey-house 'Back 2 The Ghetto', remixed by Brighton breaks institution Krafty Kuts, while Nom De Strip, Hatiras and Stripper provide futures releases.

“I love collaborating with current dance producers. You always learn something new and trade production tricks or tips,” says Tim.

“That being said, outside the world of club music, I recently produced two tunes for new indie band Starlings. I really enjoyed applying my love of electronics to a live sound. I’m also currently working on a new band-project with Tomcraft which you’ll be hearing more about later this year.”

To enter the competition, and get a free Tim Healey mix, simply answer the following question:

Which American band did Tim get the name of Surfer Rosa from?

Please send your answer to [email protected]. The winner will be picked on 26th May. The date of the prize must then be arranged at a time mutually agreeable to both Tim and the winner.