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Ghostly International and AIAIAI team up for new version of TMA-1 DJ Headphone.

Ghostly International has collaborated with Danish headphone designers AIAIAI on a special-edition TMA-1 headphone that merges Danish audio design with curated and timeless sound culture. The collaboration on the new headphones comes with exclusive new features, designed and engineered by Ghostly International.

AIAIAI continue to drop tasty headphones onto the dance music fraternity with this new release, hooking up with the guys from Ghostly International to deliver another take on their original TMA-1 DJ Headphones. The new version of the TMA-1 DJs are not just a cosmetic rebrand of this popular headphone but a total revision — offering new features, the Ghostly International edition has a custom driver/cup pairing for a new, signature sound, as well as a striking, woven, black cable, real fine-grade, Moroccan leather on-ear cushions. These help to cancel out surrounding sound and also offer a snug fit that is luxurious and comfy.

And here’s the blurb and a little bit of background reading — Ghostly International artists swear by the reductive design and critically acclaimed performance of the TMA-1 DJ headphone. And, like most contemporary music enthusiasts, AIAIAI are long-time fans of Ghostly's roster of diverse talent, ranging from the soundscapes of Tycho and the avant-pop of Matthew Dear to the art/design experimentation of Matthew Shlian and Michael Cina. Suffice to say, a collaborative AIAIAI and Ghostly project was a music-meets-design inevitability.   

If it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us! And while you’re at it, check out the free music downloads.