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Toddla T

Sheffield bleep meets dancehall with help from a talented DJ/producer

Toddla T is the beat freak who's been causing a storm of excitement with his next-level smash-ups. Hailing from Sheffield, this young DJ/producer has been stirring shit up with a unique style that takes dancehall as the jump-off point and adds sick warehouse bleeps, electro crunk, and ghetto house elements to conjure the sort of tracks that'll get you jumping like a crack-addled grasshopper. Making mad noise with his free mix comp that can be obtained for nowt from his, the Toddla's also been releasing some highly sought after 7"s, with ragga chatters Mr Versatile, Trigganom and more all versioning his 'Do U Know' rhythm on the pioneering 1965 label. Stuffing a grenade in the genre pigeonholes, his musical taste is wide-ranging to say the least.

"When I was about 16 I started goin' out and I got introduced to a wider range of music put together really well by the likes of DJ Pipes and Chris Duckenfield. Dancehall, garage, techno, electro, house, soul and r&b, all tied together real tight." 'Do U Know' gets a wider release in mid January on 1965 with a Sinden and Count of Monte Cristal remix.