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Tomorrowland is going to look "totally different" this year

“We invite the People of Tomorrow to a world underwater,” says Tomorrowland's creative director Christophe Van den Branden...

Tomorrowland this year is going to be very different, aesthetically at least.

The festival, which runs across two weekends in Boom, Belgium, from 20th to 22nd and 27th to 29th July, announced this year’s theme, The Story of Planaxis, last October and last week shared further details of the concept with a lush looking video.

This year’s aquatic theme is world’s away from the circus-like celebration that was last year’s event.

In a new issue of Tomorrowland Today, a publication made specifically for locals to get the low-down on the festival, creative director Christophe Van den Branden spoke in detail about The Story of Planaxis and it conservationist ideology.

“We provide a totally different look compared to the previous years,” he wrote in the publication. “We did not rely on anything and created something completely new from our offices in Antwerp. That has cost us a lot of time and effort for this edition.”

He added, “We invite the People of Tomorrow to a world underwater, where they can discover how beautiful the ocean is and that we should cherish it.”

Tomorrowland revealed the stage splits for this year's event back in April