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Tomorrowland's home, De Schorre park, is getting a serious makeover

The upgrade will be completed by mid-March…

Tomorrowland has collaborated with The Province of Antwerp to beautify the festival’s home, De Schorre park. The planting of new trees and shrubs commenced 15th February and the project is expected to be completed by 15th March.

In total, the group plans to plant 60 top trees and mature shrubs as well as 250 smaller shrubs and 5000 pieces of young forestry. New benches will be installed following the completing of the updated green space.

The team behind Tomorrowland created the Love Tomorrow foundation to spearhead the project. Additionally, organisers developed Workgroup 2020 as a means to bring local voices and opinions into the development process.    

‘The Province of Antwerp has the ambition to further develop its provincial recreational domain into a sustainable, socio-recreational experience place in a green environment’, reports recreational and green domains manager Jan De Haes. ‘Target is an attractive and tourist park with high nature value. Structural solutions improve safety, mobility,nature access and the experience of the landscape.’

Weekend one of Tomorrowland runs Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd July. Weekend two runs Friday 27th to Sunday 29th July. Tickets for the 2018 festival sold out in less than one hour.

For more details on the beautification project, visit local publication Provincie Antwerpen.