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With Miller Genuine Draft

This year Top 100 Clubs is powered by Miller Genuine Draft. Throughout the voting period, we will be shining a light on some of the key contenders for the 2014 crown.

For the last 4 years, you have voted Zouk Singapore as your No.1 Asian club. And we can’t pretend to be surprised. With a legacy that stretches back over 22 years, one of the world’s finest sound systems and a unique, uplifting vibe, Zouk is an ever-present force in the top 10 global nightclubs.

For many years they were largely unchallenged in Asia, however the last few years have seen the emergence of new super clubs across the continent - most notably in South Korea, where the EDM bug has bitten hardest. Fortunately, the team behind Zouk are not ones to rest on past successes - instead striving forward with each passing year. Their booking policy, across their two main rooms demonstrates a perfect balance between underground and mainstream talent.

So can Zouk, Singapore hold on to their number 5 spot and stay above their Asian challengers? Only you can decide. Cast your vote here!