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Top 100 DJs Cheating Update

A few points of order...

In the light of last week's announcements regarding irregular voting methods in the Top 100 DJs poll we would like to clarify a few points regarding the security and authenticity of the poll.

Since the current publishers took over DJ Mag and the Top 100 DJs poll in 2007 we have been aware that people have been trying to obtain votes in the poll dishonestly.

In this period we have done everything in our power to identify these votes and remove them from the poll to give a fair reflection to genuine dance music fans, who should be assured that fraudulent votes have always been discounted.

Last year's move to Facebook was an attempt to increase the security of the poll. Facebook is simply a vehicle in which to house the voting system. We do not use it as the definitive source of whether a voter is genuine or not, although it is easy to spot a fake Facebook account.

We work tirelessly behind the scenes looking for irregular voting practices.

We have already discounted several thousand irregular votes from the 2012 poll and a selection of DJs are currently under investigation.

We will obviously not divulge how we trace irregular votes since this would highlight the process to cheaters.

We always map spellings to ensure votes are attributed to the right artists. There are currently 202 different spellings for Above & Beyond, so regardless of your aptitude at spelling, your genuine votes will always count!