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Hardstyle 101

Noiscecontrollers has been on a mission to bring hardstyle to new levels since 2005. With the emergence of hard dance in North America, Bas Oskam (Noisecontrollers) has been at the forefront with the increasingly popular movement, and is now releasing his first solo album All Around, March 14 on Q-Dance.

Get to know Noisecontrollers with Oskam’s self-curated top 5 tracks from his own catalog.

1. 'Gimme Love'

"Probably Noisecontrollers biggest hit. As the kick and style was something new in that time. Also it was probably the first hardstyle track using the square glide lead."

2. 'So High'

"Kinda the anthem of X-Qlusive Noisecontrollers. This is one of Noisecontrollers’ most euphoric tracks."    

3. 'Attack Again'


"Probably the track I played most of all our tracks after ‘Crump’, Noisecontrollers’ second hit."

4. 'Faster n Further'

"So much fun when the crowd sings along the melody."

5. 'Down Down' 

"My fave track of the album All Around."