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Ahead of the re-release of 'Pizza Guy'

Best known for his hit track ‘Pizza Guy’, Touch Sensitive is one of Australia’s favourite dance music exports. He’s signed to much-loved Aussie label Future Classic, alongside acts including Flume, Seekae and famed DJ/band duo, Flight Facilities, as well as jetting around the globe over the last two years.

To celebrate the re-release of ‘Pizza Guy’ in the UK later this month (listen here), we sat down with Touch Sensitive to talk his top five favourite nu disco jams.

Charles Murdoch ‘Straws'
“I was lucky enough to hear this when it was in its early stages last year and even then it inspired me and made me feel a little inadequate. It’s like he [Charles Murdoch] sat down and said I’m going to try and make the most beautiful thing I possibly can. I love the intro and the 3:40 mark when those chords come in.”

Dan Shake and Medlar ‘Walk’
“Been a fan of Medlar since I heard the Terrell sample [‘All I Do’], it’s funny because until that point I’d only heard the Stevie Wonder version of ‘All I Do’. No matter how much you think you know, you will never know it all…”

Sound Stream 'Bass Affairs’
“My friend Jordan AKA Light Year showed me this, I love all the sound stream stuff but I’m especially fond of this one. I think filters and disco bass never get tired when they’re done well but not too well as it’s still got to have an edge! This one nails it for me.”

Body-San ‘Hot Spot’
“I love house like this, I call it the Roland house cause it really is the sound of lots of Roland bits of gear in sync! Well, except that vocal type lead which could be anything really. If this was playing when I walked into a club, I’d say it’s the type of club I want to be in.”

Harriet Brown '20/15’
“When I first heard this I became obsessed with it, it’s insanely beautiful. I then learnt that Benedek did some synth work on it!! I Can’t wait to hear more!”