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One DJ that's found his turntable soulmate is Diynamic's Uner, who's teamed up with Paris's house heavyweight Technasia for sets all over.

Some of the most beautiful relationships began in the booth. We've all seen YouTube footage of Sven and Luciano “getting on” at the Ushuaia afterparty in 2009 (if you haven't, Google it). As well as a bit of fun — if done right — a b2b set can not only compound the pulling power of a name on a line-up, it can also pave the way for new, more interesting journeys.

Once formed, a strong, harmonious DJ partnership is a difficult thing to break.

“Of course, when I'm thinking about the best b2b sets the first one will always be the first one. The first time we played together during WMC2014.

It was a special and intimate birthday party for Charles and we started to play together. Super natural. Everything started at this moment.”

“We also did a super special b2b in Ibiza, August 2014 with my colony, ANTS in Ushuaia, closing the main stage. It was massive!

You can imagine how it was, with fireworks, lights, all the people dancing around, almost 9000 people in front of us for two hours full of energy, hierbas and the fantastic party, with all the Ushuaia stuff. Probably one to remember forever.”

“I can remember also our first time in Madrid, in a super small club just for 100 or 150 people. The DJ booth was in front of the crowd. No stage. T

he soundsystem sounded phat and it was super-hot, but we were playing for almost four hours with all these people completely into the journey and with a lot of friends supporting us. Another special night.”

“One of my favourites was our first time in Watergate in Berlin. We were playing almost four hours also, and you know how it goes there when you can connect 100% with the clubbers.

It was super intense! With the funky groove from Charles and my techno melodies, we arranged a special mind-trip playing and dancing together with the Watergate crowd.”

“Of course I can't forget the Dream Beach Festival in Spain, also the last of summer 2014. We were playing after Richie Hawtin and the festival was completely packed the two days; 40,000 people each date.

So when we arrived the people were enjoying it a lot and it was our turn! Probably I could say it was the best b2b we did to date.”

“But I don't want to remember our special b2b sets without mentioning the b2bs we've done with our family and friends: Blue Marlin Ibiza, Reverse Ibiza, Reverse Madrid, etc... every b2b with our team is special.

Why? Because we can feel the special love from all our people and they can also feel it. We are really proud to work with them and we are super grateful for all the effort. So every time we play for them is special!”