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for iPad

Following a series of teasers, Traktor today announced the launch of Traktor DJ for iPad.

The app is a slimmed down and optimised version of the famous DJ software.

The app allows two-channel mixing, auto loops, an intuitive sync function (but no pitch - so beatgrids are imperative) and an interesting 'Freeze Mode' which enables quick and instant visual beat and cue jumping.

Effects are controlled via an X-Y pad, which works beautifully on the iPad display.

It can also be used as a preparation tool, much like the Rekordbox app. Traktor DJ can be synced with Traktor 2.6 or Traktor Pro collections to share cue points, beatgrids and other meta data (via Dropbox).

Look out for the full review in next month's magazine, and watch Richie Hawtin put the app through its paces at BPM Festival below.

The TRAKTOR DJ App is available for £ 13.99$ 19.99 / 17.99 € / from the  App Store on iPad.