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Traumprinz drops new 171-minute mix under DJ Healer alias: LISTEN

A work of art... 

Traumprinz has dropped a new 171-minute mix under the DJ Healer alias, with 'Planet Lonely' posted to SoundCloud earlier this week. 

The artist is as prolific as enigmatic, dropping a full-length studio album under new moniker DJ Healer at the beginning of last month, 'Nothing 2 Loose', and another under the name Prime Minister of Doom, 'Mudshow Propaganda'. Both arrived on the new imprint, All Possible Worlds.

The elusive star also produced under the alias Prince of Denmark, which was abandoned last year, and has appeared as both DJ Metatron and Dr Sun. Traumprinz’s music has been released via a self-titled label, and the Giegling off-shoot Forum, which was behind 2016's Prince of Denmark album, '8'. This new selection of all-original DJ Healer productions is a genuine work of art, from smoky, soulful downtempo through lush ambient and warm dnb.

The artist severed all ties with Geigling last year after the label's boss Konstantin said in an interview that women are "usually worse at DJing than men are".

Take a listen to the new mix below.