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Traumprinz-related SoundCloud account announces two new albums

Or is it just another elaborate April Fool’s prank?

A Traumprinz-related SoundCloud account has announced two new albums that might be from the anonymous producer who is behind both Prince Of Denmark and DJ Metatron.

On 1st April, a track called ‘Sell Out’ appeared on Planet Uterus’ Soundcloud page linking to two albums from new aliases DJ Healer and Prime Minister Of Doom.

Neither aliases appear to have released anything or have any links to whoever is behind the now iconic Prince Of Denmark, Traumprinz or DJ Metatron aliases.

The only link is the fact that the artist behind these aliases uses the Planet Uterus Soundcloud page as his main public platform.

Last year, the mysterious producer ended his association with the Prince Of Denmark alias, stating “the story that I was trying to tell here has been told” via the same page.

He also used the platform to confirm the end of his association with Geigling, the label that had previously released his music but form which he distanced himself after the label's boss Konstantin said in an interview that women are "usually worse at DJing than men are".

At the time of writing it seems legitimate but until the albums actually arrive it’s hard to really know what’s going on, or who’s behind them — it’s all very exciting for fans of the producer’s work, though.

Check out ‘Sell Out’ below’ and head here if you’re brave enough to blindly purchase the albums.