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Prolific dubstep kiwis announce their new album for Firepower

Dubstep duo Truth have gone from strength to strength since being picked up by Mala back in '09, with a stream of successful releases on what looks like a who's who of reputable dubstep labels, including and not limited to: Deep Medi, Tempa, Boka, GetDarker, Wheel & Deal, Black Box, Artikal, Tuba and New Moon. If that list alone doesn't get you excited about a new album, then the collaborations with Flowdan, Joker, Taso and Bijou surely will.

In a surprising move, the album, entitled 'Hollow World', is scheduled to be released on Firepower Records, Datsik's massive brostep label, when asked why they chose Firepower, Truth had this to say:

“It’s not a label we would have thought an album of ours would ever come out on, but it’s an amazing opportunity. Datsik has supported us since day one and even though he makes really heavy stuff, he’s a big fan of the deep side. So we started talking and thought it would be a great chance to take the Truth sound to more people. It’s all about taking risks and trying to reach the widest audience as possible! Firepower is the best way to do that.”

We think it says very positive things about the state of the scene, particularly in the US, that artists such as Truth can go straight from a chart-topping release on Deep Medi to an album on Firepower. Not to mention Flowdan putting out a tune on FP off the back of a Hyperdub EP. Exciting times for dubstep indeed! It will certainly be interesting to see what Firepower's normal target audience make of the album.

Highlights include the deep and slow 'London' and the murky skanker 'Madman' featuring Flowdan.