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We caught up with the German duo Tube & Berger ahead of their next London gig

Tube & Berger are a DJ/producer duo from Germany. The guys have stormed the Beatport charts on numerous occasions in recent times with tracks such as 'Lovebreak', 'Set It Off', 'Imprint Of Pleasure' and many more...

After a successful 'Deeper Sessions' tour in the US, Tube & Berger are bringing their show to London on the 21st of Febuary with some very special friends. The line-up includes the elusive Claptone, Suara boss Coyu, Weiss, in.deed and many more...

DJ Mag managed to get a quick chat with the duo during their busy schedule.

Your next London show is just over a month away with a huge line-up just how excited are you?
"It would be a lie to say that we're not excited. It's our biggest show in London so far, we host it ourselves and we really want it be a smash."

With the 'deep house' sound becoming so popular, do you feel it is going in the right direction?
"Well... Talking about genres here. What is deep house? We never saw ourselves as a typical deep house act. We are somewhere in between, and it feels just right. Dance music in general is booming all over the planet and we don't think that's a bad thing."

"Of course there are some 'artists' trying to jump on the bandwagon, but everybody is free to do what he or she wants. If you're into cheesy melodies and even cheesier pop vocals, you're free to do so."

You have just announced Claptone, one of the biggest mysterious names in dance music. How hard was it to keep him under wraps as a special guest while you knew?
"The mysterious man with the golden mask is very shy and chooses his friends carefully. We are happy to be amongst them. We even know the face behind the mask. Yes, he is a human being…"

You have just finished off the 'Deeper Session' tour in the US, how did it go down?
"The whole tour was just amazing. Of course it was very cool to play at places like Cielo in NYC, Sound in LA or Audio in San Francisco where so many great artists played before we did. But also the vibe in small venues like Focus in Orange County was sick! We are already planning the next tour."   

Where was best to play on the US tour and why?
"It's too hard to pick a winner. We just felt honoured that so many true fans wanted to see us performing and knew almost all our tunes."   

Can we expect any new music to be played at the show?
"Oh yes! We prepared some special edits especially for the show in London. Unreleased Kittball records and new album tracks will be a part of our set, and if that's still not enough we have a few surprises on top. Be prepared."

Tube & Berger bring Deeper Sessions to Brixton Electric on February 21st. Tickets