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T.Williams interview

UK producer on new Terri Walker collaboration

Having met Londoner T.Williams, we can attest that he's as friendly as he is prolific. One of the driving forces behind UK house label Deep Teknologi, his Terri Walker fronted track 'Heartbeat' made the iTunes end of year dance chart in 2010 – just below 'Coma Cat' and 'We No Speak Americano'. Since then he's risen through the UK's house and bass ranks, the like of Soul Clap guesting on his Rinse show (every Sunday from 3-5pm), the broadsheets joining the clamour around his superb vinyl only Fact mix and his club sound stretching from 2-step to deep house depending on his booking. With his 'Can We' EP out on Enchufada now, we caught up for a chat.

Do you save up all your heaviest tunes for Enchufada? Your current EP is definitely one to make people sit up and take notice which is probably why everyone from Sinden to Bok Bok have been hammering it.

"I definitely feel that the tracks I give to Enchufada will always have a harder edge to them as that's what fits the label and what they are doing. But I'm sure if I ever gave them something softer and they were into it I don't think they'd hesitate to get behind it too! So I don't really save the tracks just pitch ones I feel fit.”

You've also worked with Terri Walker again for this EP. 'Can We' is quite a departure from the vibe of 'Heartbeat'. Was the track already planned when you recorded the vocal? Are there more plans to continue your working relationship?

"The original track was on a full vocal funky vibe which we did a little while back. We never felt the track was right at the time so we just shelved it. But as always, I never want to waste hard work and time so I took some of the vocals and created 'Can We' around it.

"We most definitely have plans to work together in the future. Its a natural relationship nothing forced, when we feel the vibe is right we get in the studio and create.”

It seemed for a while that your head was being swayed by house music with people like Alex Jones and Geddes coming on your Rinse show - does this EP show that you're still very much in the thick of the anything goes eclecticism that's ruling the UK? Or are you still feeling the four four more?

"I love both vibes. There's the freedom of the current state of the UK underground but I also enjoy the stability and structure of house. I can't really change who I am so there probably is never going to be one more than the other.

"I wouldn't enjoy life in generally if I was doing the same thing/music everyday. Variety is the spice of life.”

What's coming up next? You're always keeping us on our toes.

"I have decided to work with a male vocal on my next EP. I'm really excited about the outcome of the track which called 'Can't Get Enough' and should be ready for release around summer time. Also, there are lots of exciting guests coming up on my Rinse show, which is Sundays 3-5pm, and then there are gigs and festivals such as Bloc, Outlook and Dour.

"Then let's not forget that any spare time I have will be spent in the studio working on new music. So there's lots going on in the near future!”

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