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Under where?

Pants with a hidden pocket! Genius.

We know what you're thinking… these pants offer a hidden compartment to stash your stash! Well, that's not exactly what three likely lads - Ben Warman, Tom Collinson and Graham McMath - had in mind when they decided to take their Smuggling Duds pants to the next level. And a rejection from Dragon's Den provided the extra incentive to put their niche idea into the marketplace.

Innovator Ben Warman explained: "The secret pocket on our Smuggling Duds underwear can be used for many different reasons. The first could be to use them as a condom pocket, but secondly the pockets are deep or wide enough so that you can stash a credit card, money or any other small valuables. Perhaps you're feeling uneasy in your environment and worry about being mugged? This way your valuable items will at least be out of reach of would-be assailants."

Hooray for innovation! We've got five pairs to give away to girls and another five pairs for boys. Email Smuggling Duds to: helene.stokes@djmag.com or drop us a line at: DJmag, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL.