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We wrap up that last fortnight's most captivating videos.

RÜFÜS 'You Were Right'
Having just wrapped up a tour of the USA, Aussie trio RÜFÜS return to glorious form with ‘You Were Right’. They have a knack for infectious percussion, hands-in-the-air-melodies and catchy vocal hooks. Pair that with this latest video, directed by their longtime collaborator, KATZKI, and you’ve got a sweet combo to suit the summer months with aplomb. They hit the road again in October, with an eight date homecoming tour across Australia before embarking on four dates in North America during November. What this space.

PREMIERE: Petrichor ‘Mangata’ (Live AV)
We just have to remind you of this fantastic and sensual treat from Petrichor. To celebrate the launch of his critically acclaimed new album on Soma Records, Simon Stokes (Petrichor) worked together with a small team of video mapping specialists to bring title track ‘Mangata’ to life inside this unique arena. It's an incredibly old lecture theatre in a disused vet college in Edinburgh, complete with a drain in the floor used when dissecting animals. Listen, watch and enjoy!

Last Magpie 'Separation'
A master at fusing house, garage, techno and dub, and a loyal cohort of the Hypercolour and Losing Suki stable, Last Magpie returns with his new EP, 'Separation'. The title track, of the same name, offers analog glitches, distorted drums, lonely trance-like synth riffs and ambient chords. The accompanying video is an captivating story that could begin or end in any location. It marries perfectly with the track’s hypnotic, driving techno repetition, with neither sight nor sound acting as guide or escape from the experience. Stunning!

Ibeyi 'Oya'
This fantastic French-Cuban twin-sister duo slammed down a tremendous debut album earlier in 2015. It's for the most part heavily aimed towards jazz, Afro-Cuban and French sounds but enthralling single, ‘Oya’, is the standout track. The pair's melodious and Bjork-esque cries of ‘Oya’ are set against dense, natural beats, drawn-out vocal harmonies and low-riding chords. 

Faetch 'Wraetch'
“You are a powerful force of nature” is the opening line of the subsequent six-minute techno instrumental pummelling that is ‘Wraetch’. The visuals aren’t for the faint-hearted either — they come from French guerrilla visual specialists The29Nov Films. This time-adjusting chunker of a techno track comes from elusive producer Faetch, and it’s out on Dublin label Earwiggle now.

Mr Beatnick ‘Formed In The Stance’
After a short hiatus, Nick Wilson, AKA Mr Beatnick, is back with his pounding and eclectic 'Formed In The Stance' EP. The video contains a mixture of '70s and '80s found footage, which comes from serial Mr Beatnick collaborator, Toby Knight, and works well against the broken groove of the track.  It's out via Don't Be Afraid Records soon.