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See the video for "Never Without You" on Eskimo Recordings

The folks at Eskimo Recordings have selected 12 fresh songs with exquisite care. An effortless journey encompassing a range of sounds through indie dance, nu disco and electronica, aiming for timeless quality and originality for 'The Blue Collection.' It is the second installment in a new compilation series on Eskimo Recordings based around colors and, serves as the follow-up to last year’s lauded 'The Pink Collection.'

Taken from the collection is Nteibint’s ethereal "Never Without You" (out now), featuring lofty vocals from songbird, Stella. DJ Mag premieres the tune's music video, for which, Nteibint found the original producers of the '70s movie he used for the footage (they’re now 72 years old) and met with them to receive their blessing to ai